Multi Utility Recognition Status (MURS) accredited with Lloyds register

We operate under the Multi Utility Recognition Status (MURS) for those utility providers who already hold accreditation under the NERS (electricity), GIRS (gas) and WIRS (water) schemes.

Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS)

This scheme is operated by Lloyds on behalf of the Water UK and the water utilities, and is the new Water Industry Registration Scheme. The scheme represents part of an ongoing process to facilitate multi-lay for service providers.
We hold Full Accreditation in the following aspects of WIRS-
CMS Construction of Mains and Services (All Works)

National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS)

Lloyd’s Register operates, on behalf of the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), the National Electricity Registration Scheme. Under this Scheme we hold Full Accreditation in the following disciplines-
Electrical Design of Distribution Networks Covering (HV Cable Networks 11kV / S/Station 11kV / LV Cable Networks to Domestic Properties)
Substation installation (11kV)
Cable laying (LV,11kV)
Cable jointing (dead LV, live LV and 11kV)
Civil works
Network connections